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Toxic Chemicals and Exposure

Toxic and Chemical Exposure

Oyster shell growth from Tributyltin exposure.  Many modern chemical exposures have hidden hormone- , growth- and genetic-altering potential.

We live in a world of "modern chemistry" and the advertisements of how such chemistry and industrial operations improve our lives abound in all forms of media. Not all marketplace-driven improvements, however, come without a cost.


Many chemicals and toxins introduced into the environment have little real testing as to their effects, and certainly not so for long-term exposures to low levels.


The mixture of legal and scientific expertise at The Environmental Law Group enables this firm to quickly evaluate and address both the scientific and legal, as well as medical, implications of exposures and potential personal injury.


The way still remains difficult in Virginia, as elsewhere, as a plaintiff carries the burden of identifying the toxin, or its components, and the cause of their injury by such exposure. In other words, the plaintiff has to prove what the manufacturer should have done, but did not.


The Environmental Law Group remains one of the cutting-edge plaintiff firms in Virginia in identifying and proving toxic exposure claims.

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At ELG, we combine scientific expertise and legal knowledge to serve our community in the environmental issues Virginians commonly face. We represent only the plaintiffs in these matters, and our allegiance is to you, our client. Call the firm at 804.433.1980 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation on your case.