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Virginia environmental and land use law firm

The Environmental Law Group, PLLC represents people and small businesses facing environmental law issues at their homes and offices. The firm is prepared to help you with a wide range of these matters, including:

Mold litigation

Excessive indoor moisture mold growths, now best referred to as "damp indoor spaces," has become a serious health concern, accounting for enormous medical expense and personal injury, ranging from minor allergies to permanent disability. The Environmental Law Group has specialized in handling mold cases for ten years, and our combination of law and science uniquely positions our law firm to handle mold cases.


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Zoning and land use

Increasing pressure on the remaining available land and natural resources creates significant conflicts between private property rights and the public need for zoning and development, as well as an increased incidence of "undesirable" land uses adjacent to private property. The Environmental Law Group, with both lawyers and a certified planner on staff, has decades of experience in handling land use conflicts and planning legal and political strategies to assist private persons faced with unwanted land uses.


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Toxic chemicals and exposure

Whether it is pesticides, biocides, metals or industrial emissions and discharges, we are all continually exposed to toxic chemicals in our work and private world. These compounds may be acutely or chronically toxic, or may impact our bodies in subtle ways. The scientific backgrounds of the lawyers at The Environmental Law Group, and a relationship with experts in the field, give impacted persons a chance to understand and respond to these insults.


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Natural resource protection

Our environment consists of people, plants, animals, and all the natural resources necessary to support our environment. Whenever any such resources are threatened through waste, abuse and ignorance, lawyers at The Environmental Law Group can help fashion remedies to oppose or mitigate such harm, and the firm has a wide range of experience in this diverse field.


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Water quality and quantity

Like all natural resources, water resources are increasingly threatened by pollution and overuse, and competition for this critical resource is only growing. The Environmental Law Group protects users of groundwater from pollution and threats to quantity, and has litigated several cases of importance to these resources, and served on Department of Environmental Quality scientific advisory panels to assist in statewide regulation.


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At ELG, we combine scientific expertise and legal knowledge to serve our community in the environmental issues Virginians commonly face. We represent only the plaintiffs in these matters, and our allegiance is to you, our client. Call the firm at 804.433.1980 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation on your case.